1. The paper they are printed on is made out of crushed food waste.

How amazing is that! Even the paper is fighting food waste with us.

2. They not only look good, they do good.

The price of each poster covers the cost of the printing, handling, packaging & delivery to your door, with the remainder going to the UN World Food Programme, one of the biggest stakeholders in fighting food insecurity worldwide.This means that for each Too Good To Go poster you buy, 24% of the price will go to charity and for our artists' posters, it's 33% of the price that will be donated!

3. Artists, you said?

We've teamed up with amazing, diverse artists from around Europe to create 14 - very - limited edition posters! Only 250 copies of each will be issued. Whether it's a reflection on where food comes from, the beauty of wonky veggies or a thought on saving food - you'll be inspired for sure! So make sure to get yours before it's too late!

4. And for you?

Beautiful posters to hang in your home, to gift your friends and family, or simply to download! Thanks for joining forces with Too Good To Go to fight food waste! Check them out right here.

Do you know about Too Good To Go?

We’re a social impact company, determined to stop food from going to waste! You can find our app in 15 countries including the U.S., and our community has saved more than 73 million meals from going to waste.Find out more here or if you’re a member of the press, visit us here for more info.